We offer custom-made, soccer services to individuals, clubs and corporate bodies. Such services are tailored to meet the specific needs of clients. That is, our clients make specific request in any of these areas below and they watch us deliver with precision and speed.

  • Scouting: We source for young, talented footballers all over Africa, especially the West African region where youthful, energetic and skillful football is the tradition. We then nurture and sharpen their skills and then make them professionals in clubs in Europe, South and North America, Africa, the Middle East and Asia through our associates of experienced football scouts, FIFA agents, clubs, coaches and other managers worldwide. One of our schemes through which we scout for players is our Street-Soccer Showcase.

  • Players Career Management: We offer a comprehensive career management service to players. In terms of career management, we offer soccer players the following services: contract negotiations, welfare, finance management, career counseling, publicity and endorsements, personal improvements and dispute resolution. Our services are structured to help players focus on performance and maximize their football career opportunities. We also offer custom services to players.

  • Club Consultancy: We offer consultancy services to football clubs. However, most of the services we render to clubs, their representatives and agents are custom services based on the following areas: Scouting Services, Soccer Tours and Pre-seasons to Africa, Club Representation, Contract Advice, Financial Management and Conflict Resolution. Our club consultancy services are highly rated because of our integrity, client-first approach and professionalism. We also help clubs achieve a lot because of our relationship with experienced football scouts, FIFA agents, clubs, coaches and other managers worldwide (Africa, South and North America, Europe, the Middle East and Asia).

  • Soccer Tours, Holidays and Pre-seasons to Africa: Recently, Africa has become a preferred destination for soccer Tours, Holidays and Pre-seasons. We arrange soccer Tours, Holidays and Pre-Seasons (for clubs and individuals) to Africa. Africana has a team of experts who specialize in this area of service. We will make your soccer tours to Africa an effective tool to meet your objectives as a club or an individual.
    NOTE: We also partner with our affiliates outside Africa to organize such Tours, Holidays and Pre-seasons to Europe and other parts of the world.

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